The Power Of Focus Groups
Client recovers full $5,000,000 policy in case where the defense’s highest offer was $600,000

Client of Sharon Scanlan suffered a catastrophic injury of a loss of leg after driving his box truck into the rear of another box truck. The defense never took the case seriously, believing a hit in the rear means the last car is responsible. Prior to the verdict, the highest offer was $600,000.

After conducting a series of focus groups we confirmed not everyone believes a hit in the rear automatically means the vehicle that hit the other in the rear must be at fault. Armed with this knowledge, from jury selection to summation, we crafted a clear trial story supported by the physical evidence that echoed our trial theme. The defense simply relied on one fact “it’s a hit in the rear”.

The attorney won and the defendant was found 100% liable at trial. After only 1 hour of deliberations, the jury found the defendant 100% liable. A bad faith statement was put on the record and the full $5,000,000 policy was tendered the following day.

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