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Dangers Of Distracted Driving: CBS-WRGB News

Pedestrian Rights: CBS6 Albany

Personal Injury Court’s Only NY Legal Commentator

The New Distracted Driving Law: CBS6 Albany

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Andrew Finkelstein is one of the best Personal & Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in America. With over 30 years of experience, more than $2.7 billion recovered by him and his law firm, and being a Managing Partner of 5 law firms, Andrew is an excellent lawyer, coach, and entrepreneur. He is an expert at weaponizing depositions, juror selection, and preparing for trial, so you know exactly what your best argument, demonstrative evidence, experts, opening statements, and more are. Not only is Andrew one of the top lawyers in his field, he is also an excellent teacher, using clear communication and expert storytelling to help other lawyers learn a process to achieve 7 and 8-figure recoveries. As an entrepreneur, he’s passionate about creating effective and scalable business systems for law firms.

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